"So, I was wondering what you get out of being trans." 

"….I am going to regret this so much but please be a dear and elaborate." 

"Well, most FTM trans really won’t get a satisfying relationship before or after surgery seeing as how sex won’t be what it is with a straight couple. Therefore-" 

"I’m going to stop you right here before you say something even stupider and make me really mad. First off, why does everyone assume EVERYONE wants sex with everyone? Yes, a basic animalistic need is to copulate and reproduce, but guess what - not everyone has to have sex in order to make it a relationship. Secondly, what do you mean FTM trans cannot have relationships? 

What is it between me and my GIRLFRIEND then? Just casual chatting and the occasional ‘I love you’ means nothing? Plus, I know many FTM trans that have satisfying relationships, with or without sex ; I DON’T CARE because who the hell does as long as they are happy? 

Also, if we’re basing relationships on sex - stop wondering why your relationships keep failing and you can’t keep a girlfriend. You just answered yourself. “ 

then we talked about sluts at our school and fisting. #classycoworkers